Nirojan Srikandarajah

Redesigning employee creation

  • UX & UI design, Prototyping, User testing
  • 2020


The goal of the project was to create a more userfriendly Empployee management module that reduces user input errors. The old module was diffuclt to use and new customers had a hard time figuring out how to use it. If there are errors in the employee creation, either because you forgot to fill in important information or by mistake filled in incorrect information, it can have huge consequences for the employee's salary. And unfortunately, the errors are only discovered quite late where the employer gets into a frustrating situation.

I was the only UX designer on the project and was involved in everything from defining the goals, creating flows and wireframes, creating high fidelity protypes, user testing and all the way to creating final UI designs. All the designs you see are prototypes created in Axure RP.

The new module does...

  • Use a more natural language instead of system codes
  • Guide the user through the necessary steps in a logical, natural order
  • Group information according to the user’s mental model and not on how it is grouped in the database
  • Show and hide relevant information and input fields based on previous input
  • Increase efficiency by predetermining well-considered default values based on previous choices made by the user

Before After

A protoype where customers can type and interact

The high fidelity prototype was a great way to present the vision to the stakeholders, very useful for the user test sessions where the customers could use and interact with the system as if it was the real system and lastly it was very helpful for the developers to understand the requirements.

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