Nirojan Srikandarajah

Designing a social media for new mothers

  • Concept design, UX & UI design, Visual design, Prototyping and Testing
  • 2020 - Ongoing


Just because you get pregnant, does not mean you cannot enjoy life and be social. With this Startup we want to make it easier for mothers to find and connect with other mothers in the local areas.

In Denmark we have a concept of "mødregrupper" (mother groups). Today the majority of the groups are formed by the local municipality and you therefore have minimal control over which group you end up in. We want to create an environment where it is easier to form the group that matches preferences. And create a platform where you can keep in touch and share your motherhood with other mothers

I am in charge of the entire design and user experince and everything you see is designed by me in Adobe XD.

Creating life-like animated prototypes

Sometimes it can be difficult to explain one's design vision and ideas which include micro interactions, animations and transitions from one page to another. By producing close-to-real prototypes with a high degree of detailw and animations, it is easy for everyone to understand the flow and the vision.